What They’re saying on Amazon about The Poppy Field Diary


“Richard is an excellent story-teller and the backdrop of Afghanistan is complex and fascinating. His voice is both lyrical and strong, painting both lovely and gritty characters.”—T Conrad

“What a beautiful story!”—R Busbee

“Excellent work of literary fiction.”—CM Cox

“Given the power of the story, the intensity of the human element, and the richness of its cultural and geographical settings, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Khaled Hosseini’s novels.”—S Clement

“An amazing book.”—C Hudgins

“Powerful message of grace and forgiveness.”—JWC

“This is a story that must be read by anyone who has lived with betrayal or who has betrayed the one they promised to love.”—L Jewel

“Definitely an enlightening and educational read.”—S Harris

“Insightful.”—A Ward

“This book is like reading a symphony, with it’s high’s, low’s and ebbs of the emotion, to dream the dreams of love, experience the depths of betrayal and then the raw emotion of the journey from bitterness to forgiveness.”—Amazon Customer

“To my delight I could not put this book down.”—R Page

“A captivating journey of betrayal and forgiveness.”—S Mizell

“Carey Richard does a beautiful job with this deep and emotionally charged love story.”—BCJ

“This book can be read and enjoyed on many levels: Afghan culture, sociological effects of war on family and relationships, a love story, psychological aspect of forgiveness. The poems at the end of the chapter were captivating; they summed up the essence of the preceding chapter. This is the type of book that should be read again.”—Mikey

“An insightful look into one woman’s journey of the heart through bitterness and forgiveness. Also an interesting history of a country we all need to understand and know about. I recommend this for a serious reader, one looking for hope in the midst of betrayal in a culture that doesn’t applaud or honor the sacrifice of love.”—E Ordeman

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  1. Linda Caston says:

    Each chapter led into the next and I couldn’t put it down. A wonderfully written story of life in another culture but feelings and emotions that prove to be the same in all women. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to the next! He is truly a great writer and has a grasp of painting the picture with words.

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